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You could say that the idea for Albion Running first came about when we were training for the Three Peaks Challenge in 2010. We would walk all day through spectacular scenery down in Somerset and nearby and would be amazed by the landscape, thinking how lucky we were to live so close to such awe inspiring places.


Over the next few years the idea gradually sunk in to put on races in these stunning locations so that others could experience what we did, and people who are desperately seeking foreign races to blow their minds could be reminded just what we have here in fair albion. There are some fantastic races here in the South-West, such as Roseland August Trail, The Jurassic Coast Oner and Dartmoor Discovery to name just three, but many local runners have said that they'd like to see more races around this neck of the woods. Through Albion Running we are hoping to provide this, as well as encouraging runners from elsewhere to come and see what this area has to offer.


We wanted each of our races to be challenging but achievable, and so we are working on several that will hopefully become fixtures of the UK ultra running calendar in years to come


ALBION RUNNING (Dave Urwin and Natanya Squire)

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