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Ultra Q&A Live Event - Tunnel Vision


Friday 24th May 2024
Creative Innovation Centre, Taunton

£15 per ticket - on sale NOW!
Ticket Price Includes: - 

* Live Q&A session with two previous finishers of The Tunnel Ultra and various other ultras of beyond 100 miles

* A range of tasty snacks
* Chance to win superb running-related prizes in a raffle























Doors 6.30pm. Starts 7.00pm. Adv ticket £15. On the door ticket £17.

ALBION RUNNING PRESENT ‘Tunnel Vision – Stories from The Tunnel and Other Ridiculously Long Ultras’ with Andy Persson and Agnes Kaminska.


The Tunnel Ultra, along with Barkley Marathons and select others around the world, is one of those races that most would never contemplate entering. All the same they might wonder what it’s really like to see light at the end of the tunnel again and again, knowing there are still over 24 hours to go.

Andy Persson and Agnes Kaminska have both finished this insane race, along with plenty of others that go way beyond 100 miles. Races that push you far beyond your perceived limits and to some places that few will ever know!

What can be found in the place beyond mental and physical exhaustion? Why on earth would you want to go back and experience it again?

Find out all of this and a whole lot more in a live discussion that will broaden your horizons in a superb way. Whether or not you walk out of there wanting to give The Tunnel a try you will certainly leave this discussion with plenty to think about, and maybe even some new perspectives on life!


Ticket price includes:

  • Live Discussion with two real life finishers of some of the hardest ultras out there!

  • Tasty snacks

  • A raffle to win awesome running-related prizes

There is a licensed bar serving alcoholic drinks, teas and coffees.

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