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A historical route based on the Monmouth Rebellion, a magnificent medal and a seaside finish at the famous Lyme Regis


Westcountry Ultra Flat 50 miler

A delightful spring jaunt along canal, river and coast. Spectacular limestone formations, lush countryside and quaintness in abundance

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Mendip Marauder 50 miler/30 miler

A fabulous summer day out on the Mendip Way. Too many highlights to mention but this route is one of the south-west's finest for sure

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Westcountry Ultra Hilly 50 miler

A challenging 50 but with a generous cut-off; 50 miles of wild and rugged hills with lush ancient woodland, towering sea cliffs and the UK's smallest church 


Westcountry Ultra 100 miler

A true adventure, combining the Flat and Hilly 50 miler routes into one glorious weekend of trail running

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Conquest of Avalon 50/30 miler

An enchanting run through some of Somerset's lesser known countryside, finishing with the famous Glastonbury Tor and then down into the quirky town to the finish

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Enter three or more races in the same year and get a 10% discount off each one. For logistical reasons this can only apply if they are entered at the same time. Please get in touch via e-mail if you wish to get a season ticket (


















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